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In Transjordan, he recruited a desert police foree, force, primarily from the nomadie nomadic tribes, which grew later to a regular army unit equipped with modern armaments which the Arab Legion of Colonel Peake was never entitled to receive. entitIed When Glubb assumed the post of Chief of Staff of the Arab Legion, a law was passed in 1936 giving him virtual control over beduin affairs. He reguIaregulated their movements, investigated their raids, and sat as a judge, possessing authority to impose prison and fine punishments.

Laqueur, "Communism in Jordan," The World Today, Vol. XII (March, 1956), pp. 109-119· 2 3 THE COMMUNAL STRUCTURE OF POLITICS TABLE 2. 990 3,990 Total Urban Total Rural 407,080 803,920 Total population 1,211,000 34% 66% (Souree: Palestine Goveroment, (Source: Government, A Survey of Palestine, Jerusalem, 1946, pp. 137139,148-151) TABLE 3. EDUCATION IN PALESTINE AND TRANSJORDAN EDUCATIONIN (1928-1944) PALESTINE Year No. of Sehools Schools boys 1932-33 1937-38 1942-43 1944 No. of Pupils girls Total 299 402 403 406 21,202 38,245 45,603 50,450 5,489 11,155 12,722 14,340 26,691 49,400 58,325 64,790 157 186 191 155 5,453 8,908 10,403 11,343 1,343 2,546 3,451 3,858 6,796 11,454 13,854 15,201 TRANS JORDAN TRANSJORDAN 1928-29 1935-36 1938-39 1943-44 Office, Report By (Sourees: A Survey of Palestine, p.

304. " They were divided between two worlds and those among them who were refugees were tmly truly alienated. The Palestinians had no reas reason on to share the Transjordanian's loyalty to the regime of King Abdullah. Their supreme loyalty was first and foremost to a country from which they were driven; and in the absence of an alternative, they were compelled to acknowledge political allegiance to altemative, Abdullah's regime. They foeused focused less on integration than on the creation of a political atmosphere eondueive politieal conducive to the restoration of Palestine.

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