New PDF release: El nacimiento de la política

By M. I. Finley

ISBN-10: 8498929350

ISBN-13: 9788498929355

En este libro, traducido a doce idiomas y convertido rápidamente en un clásico, el profesor Moses Finley, reconocido mundialmente como uno de los grandes renovadores de l. a. historia antigua, estudia las formas de gobierno de las ciudades-estado de Grecia y de l. a. Roma republicana, sociedades ambas que, con diferentes instituciones y distinta historia, tenían sin embargo en común una base económica agraria, un sistema social jerarquizado y l. a. admisión de las clases inferiores en el marco institucional. El profesor Finley hace aquí un análisis magistral de l. a. lucha por el poder en el seno de esas sociedades, del papel desempeñado en esa lucha por guerras y conquistas, del sutil juego de las ideologías, de l. a. frágil estabilidad de las alianzas: en una palabra, de los angeles «invención» de l. a. política.

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Oakley even claims, “In terms of its antiquity … its ubiquity, its wholly extraordinary staying power, the institution of kingship can lay strong claim to having been the most common form of government known, world-​wide, to man” (4). Partly due to scholars’ sustained interest in Western traditions of political thought, especially Classical Greece and democratic governance as a starting point for theoretical inquiry, they sometimes assume kingship is overly archaic and outside the purview of any worthwhile political theoretical inquiry.

Greek and Vedic poets not only possessed special abilities allowing them to understand and recall things that normal folks could not, they also created songs that were most pleasing to the gods. 11 Moreover, in both Greece and India poetic composition, recitation, and debate among rulers often occurred in the same space, as ruler-​warriors came together in assemblies to make various types of judicial decisions where poets also competed (72‒73). In both cultures, the poet-​ruler relationship also evokes various cosmological beliefs about relations between gods and human beings, which further elucidate beliefs in the connectedness of rule.

As Macdonell and Keith (1967, 2:216) explain, in later texts rājanya is generally replaced by the term kṣatriya as a designation for a member of the ruling class. Finally, the term kṣatriya refers to a king and warrior, the ruling social group, or a family to which a king or ruler belongs. To summarize, while the terms rājan, rājanya, and kṣatriya can all refer to a king or ruler in some capacity, one must remember that the earliest human rulers—​referred to as patis • I n t r o d u c t i o n 2 0 (lords, fathers) of various sorts—​are transient tribal chiefs and guardians, and not permanent, institutionalized kings.

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