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By W. Dittrich, M. Reuter

ISBN-10: 3540151826

ISBN-13: 9783540151821

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It follows that if Rotblat had lived an average lifespan or even quite a long one but nevertheless had died before his 87 th birthday, he would not have been elected to the Royal Society, not have been knighted, and not become a Nobel Laureate. Does that say something about those responsible for bestowing honors? A couple of years ago Rotblat appeared on the BBC radio program Desert Island Discs and one of his choices was Pete Seeger singing ‘‘Last Night I had the Strangest Dream’’ and I would like to reproduce the opening lines here.

Nevertheless, the Warsaw laboratory focused on using neutrons to produce artificial radioactivity and to study related nuclear phenomena. As Rotblat commented: ‘‘We had to compensate for the lack of facilities with ingenuity . ’’ And there was plenty of that. Indeed, the first nuclear physics paper Rotblat published was to turn out to be, in his own judgment, one of his main achievements. At the time, many thought that a neutron could undergo only elastic collisions with a nucleus – it would bounce off the nucleus with no change in energy.

And the best experimentalists are often those who can deliver these advances in an imaginative way. We have already noted Rotblat’s work on the production of artificial radioactivity by high-energy neutrons that required improving the effective sensitivity of the 24 Joseph Rotblat: The Nuclear Physicist detector in order to obtain adequate results. Similarly, his work developing the coincidence counter on his arrival in Liverpool might be thought of as a response to the need to measure much shorter time intervals that was possible using the existing detector systems.

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