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This quantity collects jointly for the 1st time a sequence of in-depth, serious studies of significant issues in dry etching, akin to dry processing of III-V compound semiconductors, dry etching of refractory steel silicides and dry etching aluminium and aluminium alloys. This topical structure presents the reader with extra specialized info and references than present in a normal overview article. additionally, it provides a extensive viewpoint which might another way need to be received via interpreting loads of person study papers. an extra very important and detailed characteristic of this e-book is the inclusion of an in depth literature evaluation of dry processing, compiled via seek of automatic info bases. a subject matter index permits prepared entry to the most important issues raised in all of the chapters

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Polycide (defined to be a two-layer structure of silicide over poly-Si) 2. Silicide 3. Refractory metals Strapping of N + a n d P + layers with silicides Table 2 Low temperature metallizations. Applications/use Present New options 1. First layer metal Al and its alloys 1. Refractory metals 2. Al and its alloys with silicide or refractory metals 2. Second and subsequent layer metal Al and its alloys 1. Refractory metals 2. Al and its alloys with silicide or refractory metals 3. Ohmic contacts to N + and P + and/or Schottky contacts to N and P silicon Al and its alloys, PtSi Pd2Si with barrier metals 1.

2. 1. Pattern definition of single-level gates Metals Among the refractory metals, molybdenum and tungsten are most widely used as MOS gates and interconnections. One of the major conditions for a metal to be considered as a gate material is its stability with the gate dielectric which is usually Si0 2 or Si3N4. , 1978) and hence most appropriate for microelectronic applications. Other metals, such as titanium and tantalum, can react with the oxide or nitride at relatively low temperatures (~600°C) and thus may not be placed directly over the gate dielectric.

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