New PDF release: Dragons of Dreams: Dragonlance Module Dl10 (Advanced

By Tracy Hickman

ISBN-10: 0880380985

ISBN-13: 9780880380980

Silvanesti...ancient place of birth of the elves. The wonders of Silvanesti are fabled all through Krynn - the great thing about its wooded area the place each one tree is uniquely formed via elven ability, its gardens of track, its towns molded lovingly from uncut stone.... All this and extra make up its mythical beauty.

Yet now the Silvanesti elves are long gone. For lengthy years, their warriors stood opposed to the hordes of the Dragonarmy. Then, by surprise, they fled their wondrous land and journeyed into the west. whatever extra poor than dragons brought on the autumn of the everlasting Kingdom.

At the bidding of Princess Alhana, you input the fabled Land of fallen right into a nightmare!

"Dragons of desires" selections up the story of Tanis, Caramon, Raistlin, and others as they flee from the ruins of Tarsis. it's the 10th in a sequence of fifteen DRAGONLANCE adventures to be used with the complicated DUNGEONS & DRAGONS online game process. you could play this event on its own or as a part of the grand DRAGONLANCE tale.

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His skin twitches constantly while he is in the dream state, his closed eyes shift rapidly beneath their lids. His mouth works open and shut in a silent, terrified monologue. One of the few remaining contact points in Lorac’s mind is the tale of the Dark-Night Child. This elven tale (See Loralon below) was once a great favorite of his, and much of his present experience is related to it. Loralon, Conscience of the King 12th Level Cleric Strength 11 Intelligence 12 Wisdom 16 THAC0 14 Armor Class 4 Dexterity 14 Constitution 10 Charisma 12 Hit Points 39 Movement 12” Wears Chain mail +3, carries a Mace +2 Loralon was the High Cleric of Silvanesti prior to the Cataclysm.

Fizban the fabulous, Wizard Fizban is a magic-user of indeterminate level. He appears to be senile, but was obviously once a wizard of great power. He always appears befuddled and absent-minded. Fizban is not really here, just his Dreamshadow being. Depending on how and where he is found, he will either aid or oppose the heroes. Lord Soth, deathknight of Solomnia Strength 18/99 Intelligence 10 Wisdom 9 THAC0 12 Armor Class 0 Dexterity 9 Constitution 17 Charisma 17 Hit Points 59 Soth was an ancient Lord Knight of Solamnia at Daargard Keep.

Thus it was that he was drawn into Silvanesti by the Dragon Orb. For years now, Cyan has been filling Lorac’s mind with nightmares. Cyan’s first concern is for himself. He will not hesitate to flee if the tide of battle turns against him. He is proud, if not very brave, however, and his hatred of what he considers to be the “lesser races” of Kynn is vast. Alhana Starbreeze, Princess of Silvanesti Alhana, daughter of King Lorac Caladon and Princess of the Silvanesti Elves, is the epitome of a proud and haughty race.

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