David Feldman's Do Penguins Have Knees? An Imponderables Book PDF

By David Feldman

ISBN-10: 0060740914

ISBN-13: 9780060740917

ISBN-10: 0061151327

ISBN-13: 9780061151323

Reflect on, in case you will What occurs for your Social defense quantity for those who die? Why are peanuts indexed as an aspect in simple M&Ms? Why is Barbie's hair produced from nylon, yet Ken's hair is plastic? What makes up the ever-mysterious "new-car smell"? Pop-culture guru David Feldman demystifies those issues and much more in Do Penguins Have Knees? -- the unchallenged resource of solutions to civilization's so much complicated questions. a part of the Imponderables® sequence, Do Penguins Have Knees? fingers readers with the information approximately way of life that encyclopedias, dictionaries, and almanacs simply wouldn't have. and give it some thought, the place else are you going to unravel how beer was once stored chilly within the outdated West?

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The only answer we can give is—it varies. Sure, we like authoritative sources who fawn over us and smother us in data. But we must confess we have a special place in our hearts for folks like Cappello, who make us sweat a little before divulging their secrets. Here is his letter to Imponderables, verbatim, skipping only the obvious pleasantries: After pondering your question for a while, I decided to toss your letter as I was too busy for this. S. ” Straws today are formed from polypropylene, whereas many years ago they were made of polystyrene, before that paper, and before that, wheat shafts.

Along with these high-tech solutions, we heard about some other strategies for bus drivers who may have locked themselves out. Karen E. Finkel, executive director of the National School Transportation Association, was kind enough to supply them: 24 / DAVID FELDMAN 1. 2. 3. Enter through the rear emergency door, which does have a handle. Push the door partially closed, but not enough for the door mechanism to catch, so that the door can be pulled open. Use your hands to pry open the door. Why do we think that method #3 is used altogether more often than it is supposed to be?

This also, of course, makes no particular sense. Submitted by Alan B. Heppel of West Hollywood, California. Thanks also to Jeff Sconyers of Seattle, Washington, and Connie Krenz of Bloomer, Wisconsin. 42 / DAVID FELDMAN Why Do Plastic Milk Cases Contain a Warning That Their “Unauthorized Use Is Illegal and Enforced by Health Department and Penal Codes”? What do certain firearms, heroin, and milk cartons have in common? Possession of each may be punishable by law. Although the wording above is used in California, many states forbid the unauthorized use of milk cartons.

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