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By Jacques Bouveresse

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The purpose of this booklet is to supply a clean view of the heritage of nineteenth-century language examine by means of targeting the writings of 3 linguists (Whitney, Bréal and Wegener) in 3 nations (the usa, France and Germany). the normal histories of linguistics painting the interval among the 1840s and the Nineties as comprising a gradual elevate in philological wisdom, the invention of sound legislation and the astute examine of minute philological curiosities.

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216pages. 23,4x15x3,2cm. Broché.

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E. 'true of some state of affairs'. A person translating the handbook for a Japanese car into German could study the handbooks for German cars and then write his Mazda or Toyota handbook quite independently of the original text by just replacing certain specifications. But what handbook would s/he base his or her version on? Would it be Volkswagen's, BMW's or Opel's? S/he will have to choose one, becauseas s/he will soon find outeach manufacturer follows different conventions, even employs different terminologies.

Christina Schäffner: My experience is that at universities the therapeutic approach is dominant and translation is very often seen as a linguistic exercise. ' When you don't give a purpose for the target text, then all you are checking is language knowledge. And when the criterion is to check how many words the students have got wrong, then translating 'ant' as 'Ente' is a serious mistake. When you apply a functional approach, and when a specific purpose is given, then different assessment criteria need to be applied.

I think you can't say that the fact that some translator tries to make himor herself invisible will actually have the effect of being invisible to a certain kind of reader who has a certain experience in the field. Christina Schäffner (Aston University): Just to add to this: when the book in question was published in Germany, there was actually a letter sent by 11 translators who had pointed out many translation errors and they asked the publisher to withdraw the book from the market. This became the basis for all the debate which then followed.

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