New PDF release: Deity Yoga: in Action and Performance Tantra

By H.H. the Dalai Lama, Tsong-ka-pa, Jeffrey Hopkins, Lati Rinbochay, Denma Locho Rinbochay, Elizabeth Napper

ISBN-10: 0937938505

ISBN-13: 9780937938508

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Rather, one is reviewing in stages the face, arms, and so forth of the divine body, and thus a series of minds is being generated. However, in meditation by way of meditative stabilisation, one stops the movement of the mind and holds it on one object. Thus, the stopping of 'vitality and exertion', or breath and distraction, is explained at the point of meditative stabilisation and not for the earlier serial meditation by way of concentration. Here in Action Tantra the stopping of vitality and exertion is done for the sake of keeping the mind from being distracted to other objects, whereas in Highest Yoga Tantra another practice of holding the winds is done to stop the movement of the winds in the right and left channels and cause them to enter the central channel.

This completion of deity generation, involving a combination of clear appearance and pride of being that deity, is called the sign deity. Meditation on [or cultivation of ] the six deities is like faith or love meditation in that the mind is being generated into the entity of the object meditated. When faith or love are meditated, those two are not the object observed but the entity into which the consciousness is being generated. Meditation on impermanence or emptiness, on the other hand, means to take these as the object and meditate on them.

It is to achieve such feats that prior approximation is performed, called 'prior' because it necessarily precedes actualising a specific feat and using it for the welfare of others. With regard to how to do prior approximation there are concentrations with and without repetition. Concerning concentration with repetition, one first invites a deity in front as a field or basis for the accumulation of merit through making offerings, praises, and so forth; then one meditates on oneself as a deity. These are called generation in front and self-generation.

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