Professor Shlomo Aronson, Naftali Greenwood's David Ben-Gurion and the Jewish Renaissance PDF

By Professor Shlomo Aronson, Naftali Greenwood

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This booklet bargains a reappraisal of David Ben-Gurion's function in Jewish-Israeli background from the viewpoint of the twenty-first century, within the greater context of the Zionist "renaissance," of which he used to be an important and special exponent. a few have defined Ben-Gurion's Zionism as a dream that has long gone bitter, or a utopia doomed to be unfulfilled. Now - after the dirt surrounding Israel's founding father has settled, information were opened, and standpoint has been won given that Ben-Gurion's downfall - this e-book offers a clean examine this statesman-intellectual and his good fortune and tragic disasters in the course of a distinct time period that he and his friends defined because the "Jewish renaissance." The ensuing reappraisal deals a brand new research of Ben-Gurion's real function as an immense participant in Israeli, heart japanese, and worldwide politics.

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Only thus could he offer his own approach toward the education and governance of human beings, as if they stood no chance whatsoever absent the system of government that he proposed. To be sure, that mostly lovely, radiant century brought the world the declaration of human rights and it also, in its own way, was in love with the Greco-Roman classics, with their heroes and values. When we speak of BenGurion himself, however, it seems to us that comparing the Zionist revival to aspects of the Renaissance is problematic but more germane than comparing 26 The Intellectual Origins of Ben-Gurion’s Zionism it to aspects of the eighteenth-century Enlightenment, particularly because of the tendency of many French philosophers of that century toward abstract, deterministic thinking, the kind that originated in the scientific revolution of the seventeenth century, and the general European tendency at the time toward “scientific” generalization.

The conclusion, however, was that a person graced with all of these characteristics could not be an ivory-tower philosopher or just a simple writer. Rather, he had to be active in society. Just as action without profound understanding of its significance was considered unacceptable, so was profound thinking without action deemed sterile. Humanistic theory demanded a delicate balance between action and thought, with action arising not from compromise but from an acquiescence that worked both ways.

Citizenship is a deep psychological characteristic. If the English have any greatness . . it is their sense of citizenship, perhaps unmatched by any other nation in the world, and the sense of citizenship is not measured by whether people are willing to give their lives to protect their land. . Citizenship is when people pay taxes. . European Jews have no such sense. I am afraid that it does not exist in this room either. . In Europe, Jews only make demands, and rightly so. Who can ask anything of a person whose wife has been killed, whose children, whose parents have been exterminated?

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