New PDF release: Das elegante Universum: Superstrings, verborgene Dimensionen

By Brian Greene

ISBN-10: 3641185653

ISBN-13: 9783641185657

A interesting and thought-provoking trip throughout the mysteries of area, time, and matter.

With a brand new preface (not in the other version) that might assessment the large public reception of the really imprecise string theory—made attainable by way of this publication and an elevated variety of adherents among physicists—The dependent Universe "sets a typical that would be not easy to beat" (New York occasions booklet Review). Brian Greene, one of many world's prime string theorists, peels away the layers of poser surrounding string thought to bare a universe that contains 11 dimensions, the place the cloth of area tears and upkeep itself, and all matter—from the smallest quarks to the main gargantuan supernovas—is generated through the vibrations of microscopically tiny loops of strength.

Today physicists and mathematicians in the course of the international are feverishly engaged on essentially the most bold theories ever proposed: superstring idea. String thought, because it is usually referred to as, is the most important to the Unified box conception that eluded Einstein for greater than thirty years. ultimately, the century-old antagonism among the big and the small-General Relativity and Quantum Theory-is resolved. String idea announces that each one of the wondrous happenings within the universe, from the frantic dancing of subatomic quarks to the majestic swirling of heavenly galaxies, are reflections of 1 grand actual precept and manifestations of 1 unmarried entity: microscopically tiny vibrating loops of power, a billionth of a billionth the dimensions of an atom. during this brilliantly articulated and refreshingly transparent ebook, Greene relates the medical tale and the human fight in the back of twentieth-century physics' look for a thought of every little thing.

Through the masterful use of metaphor and analogy, The based Universe makes the most subtle innovations ever meditated viscerally available and carefully pleasing, bringing us nearer than ever to knowing how the universe works.

Lliterary Awards
Royal Society Prize for normal Prize (2000)
Lionel Trilling e-book Award (2000)

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