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This e-book exhibits that the increase of the intelligentsia happened ahead of is generally concept, and that by way of 1922, instead of 1932, the underlying rules of the hot Soviet government's guidelines in the direction of tradition had already emerged, "proto-Stalinism" being more and more very important. numerous resources were used, together with Proletkul't, Moscow collage and the rabfaky and the works of varied contributors reminiscent of Bagdanov, Lunacharsky, Andreev, Berdiaev and Chagall. Christopher learn has written "Religion, Revolution and the Russian Intelligentsia" and has produced a video "The Decline of Tsarism".

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Poverty and destitution were displayed in his The Making 01 the Russian Intelligentsia 23 paintings. One of them, A Religious Procession in Kursk Guberniia (1883), includes cripples and beggars prominently portrayed. His The Boat-Haulers (Burliaki) of 1873 presented the reputed dregs of Russian society, those who were employed alm ost as animals to use their brute strength to haul barges up the Volga. In the revolutionary years of the early twentieth century Repin did turn his attention back to the very elite of Russian society, the State Council, a body that drew together the leading members of the royal family, the richest nobles and the most powerful ministers including Pobedonostsev and Witte, under the chairmanship of Tsar Nicholas 11 hirnself.

The war and the resuItant revolutions presented the intelligentsia with a completely new set of problems that existed alongside of, and sometimes replaced, those with which it was more familiar. Turning to the world war and the revolution and their effects in the sphere of intellectuallife, one has to bear in mind that a very complex interplay of social forces is always at work in shaping creativity, the life of the mind, consciousness. 2 The Intelligentsia in War and Revolution In spite of everything, life fermented irresistibly in man kind.

Its main manifestations were in the form of vague, intuitive mysticism, clearly related to the symbolist principles of the limits of reason in the face of truth and the need to go beyond it by me ans of the unconscious into the realm of the inexpressible. In this sense 'religion' tended to mean the acknowledgement of the existence of a largely unknown higher reality. Links were made with eastern religions as much as with Christianity and it led to the emergence of highly unconventional mystics such as Gurdjieff and P.

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