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Fallow and deserted for years, Bloodsworn Vale has lengthy been a deadly wooden isolating kingdoms. a contemporary call-to-arms asks adventurers from world wide to set up a exchange course via this darkish and forboding woodland. Conquest of Bloodsworn Vale is a mid-level wasteland event written via Jason Bulmahn that pits gamers opposed to the evil fey tribes of the Vale. in simple terms the valiant and shrewdpermanent can defeat the fey - yet will you be smart sufficient to wreck their grasp?

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She stares out with equally red eyes with a look of cruelty and malice. Roseblood Sprite CR 3 NE small fey init +3; Senses low-light vision; Listen +6, spot +6 DEFENsE aC 16, touch 14, flat-footed 13 (+2 armor, +3 Dex, +1 size) hp 22 (5d6+5) fort +2, Ref +7, Will +6 OFFENsE Spd 30 ft. Melee thorn bracer +4 (1d4+1) Ranged mwk thorn bow +7 (1d4+1/x3) Ranged mwk thorn bow +5/+5 (1d4+1/x3) Special attacks poison thorns, sneak attack (1d6) Spell-Like abilities (cL 5th): 1/day—death knell (Dc 15), minor image (Dc 15), obscuring mist, sleep (Dc 14), suggestion (Dc 16), thorn snare TAcTics Before Combat if given time to prepare, roseblood sprites often cast thorn snare on an area and then use minor image to lure foes into a trap.

A month later, Orrend opened up the Boar’s Bones, a small inn and tavern to serve the off-duty soldiers, workers, and visitors who happened to stop by. The bones were carefully reconstructed with wire and wood, and the now-intact dire boar skeleton sits in the middle of the tavern with a pouch hanging from its tusks. Orrend insists that any tips given to the boar are sent to its grieving kin. The food at the Boar’s Bones is of good quality (4 sp per meal), combining local ingredients with caravan supplies.

This armor acts like leather armor in every other way and costs 50 gp. Thorn: These small arrows are tipped with a wicked rose thorn and fletched with lacquered rose petals. Thorn Bracer: These sturdy leather bracers are studded with lacquered rose thorns that can be used to pierce foes. You can attack with these bracers even while holding objects in your hands. When attacking with thorn bracers, you lose any shield bonus to AC gained from a readied shield until your next action. Thorn Bow: This polished rosewood bow is studded with thorns and tiny rose flowers.

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