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By Vyvyan Evans

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Mary refused John the cake SENSE SENSE 37 COGNITIVE LINGUISTICS: AN INTRODUCTION d. g. g. Mary left John the cake INSTANTIATED BY: e. g. g. Mary permitted John the cake f. g. g. Mary baked John the cake INSTANTIATED BY: While each of the abstract senses associated with ‘ditransitive’ syntax are distinct, they are clearly related: they all concern volitional transfer, although the nature of the transfer, or the conditions associated with the transfer, vary from sense to sense. We will return to discuss constructions like these in more detail in Part III of the book.

Langacker (1999a). A survey article which deals with the notions of the symbolic (in Langacker’s terms ‘semiotic’) and interactive functions associated with language, the notion of converging evidence, and how cognitive linguistics differs from formal and functional approaches to language. • Nuyts and Pederson (eds) (1997). The first chapter provides a good general discussion of the nature of the relationship between language and thought. • Talmy (2000). Chapter 1 deals with the notion of the cognitive representation and the distinction between the lexical (open-class) and grammatical (closed-class) subsystems.

However, the relationship between phonology and other areas of human language has only recently begun to be explored from a cognitive perspective. For this reason, while aspects of the foregoing discussion serve to illustrate some similarities between the phonological subsystem and the other areas of the language system, we will have relatively little to say about phonology in the remainder of this book. 2 The ‘Cognitive Commitment’ We turn next to the ‘Cognitive Commitment’. We saw above that the ‘Generalisation Commitment’ leads to the search for principles of language structure that hold across all aspects of language.

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