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By Glen Vecchione

ISBN-10: 0806981156

ISBN-13: 9780806981154

Can quantum operations, recombinant shapes, and hid distribution really result in enjoyable? definite they could! simply try out those optical illusions, mechanical flair puzzles, maps and mazes. "Selections are interesting."--School Library magazine.

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For each, enter at the left, visit each room only one time, and exit to the right. You might find such an uninterrupted tour impossible for some castles, and a quick calculating trick beforehand will keep you from wasting steps. Do you know the trick? ++++ ++++ ++++ ++++ ++++ ++++ ++++ .... ++++ ... L±±±±� ++++ ++++ tffff t + ++++ ++++ K Chapter 8 FANCY FIGURING Bull's-Eye • Jawbreakers • Antsy Ant • A Burned Receipt • In the Old Cemetery • Magic Squares • More Magic Shapes • Ben Franklin's Wheel • The Chimes of Big Ben • Count the Streetlights • Weighing In Get out your pencil .

You don't have to try this to know it doesn't work, since you can't cut a hole larger than the edges of the postcard. But it does work. The trick is in cutting the postcard a certain way and then stretching it so that the edges of the postcard remain while you pass your head through the hole in its center. Here's how you do it. l. Fold a postcard in half the long way. 2. Cut it with scissors as shown. 3. Then cut from A to B. 2 3 STRETCHY SHAPES & SQUIGGLY LINES 33 Finally, unfold the postcard and gently pull it apart at the nar­ row edges.

A FLY'S VIEW A topologist views geometrical figures a little differently than an ordinary mathematician. For example , he recognizes that the out­ side of a figure is just as important as the inside, and that the kind of movement possible between outside and inside reveals some­ thing important about the mathematical nature of the figure. Also, since a topologist loves to change one figure into another, he knows that a figure's inside and outside may exchange places and become an interesting variant in understanding transformations.

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