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34 BUREAUCRATIC OPPOSITION (16) Karl Marx, "Alienated Labor," pp. ), Man Alone: Alienation in Modern Society, New York: Dell, 1962, p. 97. (17) J a m e s Jones, From Here to Eternity, New York: Scribner, 1951. (18) Joseph Heller, Something Happened, New York: Ballantine, 1975. (19) For an excellent analysis of Slocum the bureaucrat see: J a m e s M. Glass, "Reality and Organization: The Executive as Depth Personality Structure," Paper delivered at the Northeast Political Science meetings, Jug End, Massachusetts, November, 1976; and J a m e s M.

Perception of their unfairness is often spurred by social changes external to the organization, such as the effects of the various liberation movements. The message of such movements is t h a t traditional differences in t r e a t m e n t have been based upon erroneous and immoral assumptions about the character and capabilities of the members of c e r t a i n groups. Bureaucratic oppositions grounded in the struggle for fairness have relatively good chances for success. Not only do they often have at their disposal the resources of national groups and access to legal remedies, but their moral purpose stimulates zeal and solidarity which are often absent in responses to norm infractions.

C e r t a i n authority roles (for example, the parental) have been crucial to our existence and we have transferred fear, veneration, and the sense of dependence from them to authority in general. The vital authorities of our early years, such as parents and physicians, have had the literal power of life and death over us and it was in the interest of our peace of mind to regard them as benevolent, t o believe t h a t they had our good at heart. We also tend to generalize these judgments to all authority figures.

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