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By David Bird, Marc Smith

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Suppose you return the ♠4, however. Declarer will cover with one of his spot cards and your partner will now be on lead. Unless there is an outside entry to your hand, declarer’s queen will be promoted into a stopper. Return the ♠J on the second round and there will be no such problem. The limitations of count signals If count signals were perfect in all situations, no-one in the world would still be using attitude signals. To present a balanced picture, it is right that we should look at some situations where attitude signals work better than count signals.

A. ♣Q764 N ♣ A led W E S ♣ 10 9 8 3 ♣ unknown Defending a spade contract, which club do you play as East when your partner leads the ace? B. ♥864 N ♥ A led W E S ♥Q72 ♥ unknown Defending a spade contract, which heart do you play when your partner leads the ace? C. ♦864 N ♦ A led W E S ♦Q2 ♦ unknown Defending a heart contract, which diamond do you play when your partner leads the ace? D. ♠A64 N ♠ K led W E S ♠9752 ♠ unknown Defending a diamond contract, which spade do you play when your partner leads the king?

Can partner overruff dummy’s ten of spades? Again, East should provide you with the answer by signaling in trumps. With his actual holding, he should ruff the third round of hearts with the six, then complete his high-low when declarer plays a trump to your ace. This trump echo tells you that partner can overruff dummy. If East’s did not hold the jack of trumps he would play upwards in trumps, despite holding three trumps. You would then have to hope that declarer held a second diamond. 60 •Defensive Signaling The Smith Echo We conclude with a brief look at a useful signaling tool employed by many tournament partnerships — the Smith Echo.

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