Zach Bush, Richard Dansky, Bryan Armor, Heather Grove, Will's Book of Madness: Whispers Without, Chaos Within (Mage: The PDF

By Zach Bush, Richard Dansky, Bryan Armor, Heather Grove, Will van Meter, David Wendt

The Darkness has Teeth

Beyond the Horizon, darkish forces claw on the edges of sanity, battering on the cloth of fact, looking ultimate night:
Nephandi, the Corrupters
Marauders, the Foot-Soldiers of Chaos
Demons, the Renders of Souls
Paradox Spirits, the Mage's Bane
Umbrood, the residing Mysteries

What are they? Why are they? do we stand opposed to all of them? And what if we cannot?
...And It Hungers!

The publication of insanity is a bestiary for Mage: The Ascension, exploring the darker reaches of magick's contact. It includes:

information about a mage's deadliest foes;
Dozens of mystic creatures from the darkish Side;
Storyteller tricks, cosmology, and more.

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R. 'jilU NfiPHANDI 37 hi^kvKi 1 ANCIENT RUINS The vast majority of Nephandi were driven beyond the Horizon in 1945, leaving behind centuries of effort in their haste to flee. All over the world, the structures those Fallen had constructed were abandoned and lost to time. Tradition and Convention mages discovered and put to the torch a,few, but most were never found. -' With their owners gone, these Labyrinths have fallen into disrepair. Their guardian creatures have escaped, their defensive magics dissipated — more or less.

These tactics are some of the more commonly used, giving you a game plan for the use of Nephandi in your chronicle. • Stalking Horse — The Nephandi don't care about being subtle with other humans; it's just reality CHAPTER . rJ JVJ'i' '' ?. u1 J \ ;; . • V t. -*; ? - NffHANDI 45 'J. that they have to worry about offending (for the moment). As a result, a favorite tactic involves terrifying or bribing prominent Sleepers (politicians ,tr and entrepreneurs, especially) into working for the Dark Lords.

Such preachers are liable to find any and all attempts they make to move The Nephandi send a wide variety of unit types into the field. The composition of any given strike team depends, obviously, on the nature of the team's mission; sending a gang of pawns to assassinate a Chantry head is a waste of good cannon fodder, while putting a full strike team on the case of a pesky mortal is overkill. Evil does not mean tactically inept. The basic self-sufficient field unit consists of a handful of pawns (un-Awakened, of course) who may or may not know what they're actually doing, herded along by a pair of shaytans and a single adsinistratus.

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Book of Madness: Whispers Without, Chaos Within (Mage: The Ascension) by Zach Bush, Richard Dansky, Bryan Armor, Heather Grove, Will van Meter, David Wendt

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