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With his clever brain, Geller mysteriously convinces fools to reach into their wallets and fork over big bucks to buy his books and to watch him perform. He’s a consummate mind reader, knowing what his audience will fall for. In the introduction to his 1996 book, Mind Power, he writes: [M]ost of us only use about 10 per cent of our brains, if that. . I believe that we once had full power over our minds. We had to, in order to survive, but as our world has become more sophisticated and complex we have forgotten many of the abilities we once had.

It’s only natural to move closer. Likewise, a nearsighted child may hold a book very close to her face. The act of sitting or reading too close did not cause the nearsightedness. They were the result of a vision problem. Activities bring about problems we never knew we had. Dyslexia, for example, didn’t show its face until humans invented written language. Similarly, those who do not read will never come to the realization that they need glasses to view tiny letters. A bookworm wears eyeglasses because he needs them to read.

Our brains will stay the same size, though. The notion of a future human with an enormous head to house an enormous brain is pure fantasy. Evolution simply doesn’t favor larger heads over small heads. Evolution doesn’t even favor smart people over dumb people. Dumb people mate with stellar success. For humans to develop bigger heads, we would have to kill off people with small heads and only mate with large-headed people. Of the offspring, only the largest of the large heads could mate. Then, over tens of thousands of years, assuming this ridiculous practice of big-head mating continued, humans would have larger heads.

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