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By George W. Gawrych

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In 1967, the Israeli safeguard Forces defeated the mixed armies of Egypt, Jordan, and Syria in an insignificant six days. This awesome army accomplishment could, in spite of the fact that, have the final word influence of making an albatross round the neck of the Israeli military, as Israelis may now anticipate the subsequent traditional struggle with the Arabs to accomplish related effects: a short, decisive victory with rather few casualties. even though Egyptian forces have been militarily not as good as these of Israel, President Anwar Sadat constructed a profitable restricted warfare method designed to take advantage of this unrealistic expectation.

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43. Cf. , and the literature referred to there, especially O. Plöger, Theokratie und Eschatologie, WMANT 2, 2nd ed. Neukirchen Kreis Moers, 1962. 44. As carried out by, for example, E. Rohland, Die Bedeutung der Erwählungstraditionen Israels für die Eschatologie der alttestamentlichen Propheten, Diss. Heidelberg 1956; or G. F. Hasel, The Remnant: The History and Theology of the Remnant Idea from Genesis to Isaiah, Andrews University Monographs 5, Berrien Springs, Michigan, 1972. 16 REDISCOVERING THE TRADITIONS OF ISRAEL takes place only after the tradition has attained written form in its final (present) context.

For further discussion and literature references, cf. below pp. 107–8. 2 What Is “Tradition History”? Having described briefly some of the most important aspects of tradition and of the transmittal process, we turn now to the means devised to investigate these phenomena. 1 The term “Geschichte der Tradition” can be found earlier in Wellhausen’s writings,2 although not with reference to the formation and transmission of literature at the oral stage. 3 A. 4 Terminological imprecision and confusion have plagued the research since its very beginning, and one finds little uniformity in method and scope.

Definition of Tradition and Tradition History But is this “Methodenstrudel” nonetheless desirable or necessary? For pragmatic reasons, it seems wiser to have a more defined, limited conception of tradition history than the comprehensive definition of tradition would require. A focused understanding of the field should permit us to develop a method that is controllable, operational, and productive. However, there should be no illusions about the arbitrariness of this delimitation. Its justification is clarity, precision, economy, and practicality.

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