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By Keith Giffen

This can be it! forty eight pages of cosmic guts and glory! in order to see your favourite cosmic point heroes and villains, you dare no longer pass over Annihilation: Prologue! This forty eight web page (No ads!!) booklet is written via Keith Giffen (Drax the Destroyer, Thanos), and contours the beautiful artwork of Scott Kolins & Ariel Olivetti. this can be the booklet to learn for the subsequent Year's worthy of cosmic tales! Get in at the floor flooring as surprise increases those nice characters from the ashes! Heroes will die. Villains and heroes will shape allegiances. Empires will fall.

The One-shot that begun the surprise cosmic occasion of the last decade! The Annihilation Wave has hit the 616 universe, and doubtless not anything is ready to cease it. persisted within the Annihilation mini-series.


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Victory kicks him out. Any other result lets him act unmolested; you can’t retry until he attempts something else. This isn’t realistic – it’s simply how hacker movies work! Countersurveillance: Attempts to use high-tech gizmos to look for people trying to watch you with high-tech gear are treated as a single Quick Contest. Anybody using simple optics or microphones rolls against Observation, while people with gear that calls for Electronics Operation (Surveillance) employ that. Each side uses its highest skill and best equipment bonus.

Failure means the explosion does its usual damage, but can at worst reduce the victim to 0 HP – or to -HP, on a critical failure. Failures while working on explosives directly count as critical failures. Cinematic Knockback: Heroes can use this rule to shove around objects, too. Any hit with a gun can push a lever or similar. Beefier objects, like oil drums, call for at least 8 points of damage. Flesh Wounds: Heroes who spend a character point to reduce an injury to 1 HP can also invoke Second Wind (above), spend 1 FP, and walk away complete unscathed.

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