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By S H Lin

This overview goals to supply an advent to the entire major parts of multiphoton experiences thus far. The volume's focus is sort of solely with multiphoton approaches in atoms.

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41]. Fig. 1 Order of nonlinearity K for four-photon ionization of Cs as a function of detuning. The full curve is obtained for constant 7 2 intensity 1= 10 W/cm . , Ref. 52]. Fig. 1), showing the inversion as a function of time, and the effects of detuning. 2 times the onresonance Rabi frequency Q. 2 times Q [from Allen and Eberly, Ref. 60]. Fig. 1a Illustration of the space-time region of integration, to account for real pulse-shape effects. (Gontier and Trahin, Ref. 94). Fig. 1b Four-photon ionization of Cs.

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