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1. M. Boehenski, Ancient Formal Logic, Amsterdam 1951; Benson Mates, Stoic Logic, Berkeley-Los Angeles 1953; A. Virieux-Reymond, La logique et l'epistemoloqie des Stotciens, Chambery (ca. 1950). For the later development of ancient logic, cf. K. Durr, The Propositional Logic of Boethius, Amsterdam 1951. 63) Sextus Empiricus, Adversus mathematicos VIII, 11. 6') R. , 1947; W. V. , 1953. 6') Aristotle, Analytica priora A 10, 76 b 24. 66) Alexander Aphrodisiensis, In Aristotelis analyticorum priorum librum I commentarium 372, 29, quoted by Lukasiewicz, loco cit.

7) For this reason Chrysippus, in contradiction to his predecessors, Zeno and Cleanthes, said that only the souls of the wise can survive the periodic world fire. It is interesting in this connection to quote A. C. Bouquet: 8) What is perhaps the common property of all initiations is the sense that man as he is is not his true self. For whatever purpose, to attain full efficiency he must be born again. It is not surprising that to the ancient Greeks science, art, philosophy, and also religion were equally regarded as incapable of being taught to the public.

80. 73) Cf. A. E. Taylor, Plato: the Man and his Work (reprinted in Meridian Books, New York 1956), p. 505, footnote 2: "For a real comprehension of Plato's thought it is indispensable to have a grasp of the modern logic of arithmetic". 74) The author wishes to renew his thanks to Dr A. C. Crombie, Professor W. K. C. Guthrie, and Mr David Furley for helpful criticism during the preparation of an earlier version of this Chapter which appeared in The British Journal for the Philotwphy of Science.

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