John Daintith's A Dictionary of Science (5th Edition) PDF

By John Daintith

ISBN-10: 0192806416

ISBN-13: 9780192806413

This best-selling dictionary includes over 9,000 entries on all points of technology and gives entire assurance of biology (including human biology), chemistry, physics, the earth sciences, and astronomy. Appendices disguise the periodic desk, geological time scale, and animal and plant class. New good points contain digital thumb tags for simple reference, improved components together with astronomy and earth technological know-how and extra positive aspects on key subject matters similar to the sunlight procedure and Genetically transformed Organisms. additionally featured are brief biographies of prime scientists and chronologies of particular topics, together with plastics, electronics and phone biology. either concise and wide-ranging, this dictionary is a perfect convenient reference paintings and nice creation for college kids and non-scientists alike.

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2. The angle between a wavefront and a surface at which it has been refracted. angle-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy (ARPES) A technique for studying the composition and structure of animal 43 surfaces by measuring both the kinetic energy and angular distribution of photoelectrons ejected from a surface by electromagnetic radiation. See also photoelectron spectroscopy. anglesite A mineral form of *lead(II) sulphate, PbSO4. angstrom Symbol Å. A unit of length equal to 10–10 metre. It was formerly used to measure wavelengths and intermolecular distances but has now been replaced by the nanometre.

A number of other forms of aluminium oxide have been described (β-, δ-, and ζ-alumina) but these contain alkalimetal ions. There is also a short-lived spectroscopic suboxide AlO. The highly protective Ülm of oxide formed on the surface of aluminium metal is yet another structural variation, being a defective rock-salt form (every third Al missing). Pure aluminium oxide is obtained by dissolving the ore bauxite in sodium hydroxide solution; impurities such as iron 30 oxides remain insoluble because they are not amphoteric.

Angular displacement, velocity, and acceleration See rotational motion. angular distance A way of expressing sizes or distances in astronomy. Angular diameter is the size of a celestial object; angular distance is the distance between two objects. Both are measured as angles on the *celestial sphere (expressed in degrees, arc-minutes, or arc-seconds). angular frequency (pulsatance) A quantity proportional to the *frequency of a periodic phenomenon but having the dimensions of angular velocity. The angular frequency in radians per second = frequency in hertz × 2π radians per cycle.

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