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In 10,000 of carbonic acid gas (or about a cubic inch of carbonic acid to a cubic foot of air), and varying proportions of the vapor of water. '\ he oxygen, nitrogen and carbonic acid form the constant ingredients of the atmosphere, the vapor of water the variable ingredient. There number ot other variable ingredients present as impurities. Atmospheric Electricity. Atmospheric) (See Electric- (See Electricity, A number of particles Atom, Vortex earth. and nitrogen 77 Besides these there are from 4 to 6 parts are in most localities a Calorie) Thus, whose atomic weight is of approximately, composed, Atom) Such a number Atom, Gramme of grammes of any elementary substance as is of the universal ether is, by weight, of oxygen 23 ity, which cannot be affected in size, density, or shape, by heat or cold, or by any known physical force.

Which, of needle-annunciator is shown in Fig. 17. Needle- Annunciator, when ward, and at rest, points vertically downwhich is moved to the right or left by the action of the current. Annunciator, Oral An or Speaking Tube annunciator electrically operated Pendulous, or swinging-annunciators are generally so arranged as to need no replacement. J On the cessation of the current the indicator arm drops vertically downward. A relay is preferably used with pendulumannunciators, since the rapid makes and breaks of the current by the bell alarm interfere with the anode.

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