Vision, Mission and Values

Pangdemonium is a proudly Singaporean theatre company with a mission to tell stories on the stage which are challenging, inspiring, relevant, accessible, and above all, of the highest artistic, entertainment and productions values, in a league with the very best of theatre internationally.

Rule #1 of theatre is that it has to be entertaining – but it is capable of achieving so much more. Pangdemonium believes that theatre should strive to enrich, enlighten, and empower; it should surprise, stir, and stimulate; it should be aspirational and inspirational, passionate and compassionate; it should impact on audiences viscerally, intellectually, emotionally. With this in mind, Pangdemonium tells stories that tackle challenging issues, ask difficult questions, provoke constructive debate, and hopefully lead us all on a path towards discoveries of our communal human experience; that jolt us all from a collective passivity and make us take positive action, that expose us all for our flaws and frailties, and dare us to change; that help us see someone else’s point of view, and share in someone’s else’s journey; that celebrate life, and champion struggle, survival and the human spirit; that make us count our blessings, appreciate this world more, and strive to live more meaningful lives; stories that Singaporeans can relate to and identify with, and at the same time, have a global resonance and universal significance.

In short, we tell stories that live up to our motto “Ass-kicking adventures in theatre” – because theatre should give us all a much-needed kick in the nether regions once in a while.

Since our inception in 2010, a key component of our mission has been to uncover new talent and to give opportunities to aspiring artists and technical practitioners to work in a professional, challenging and nurturing environment in our productions. In line with this, we have created our “Next Generation” initiative, consisting of mentored workshops in Musical Theatre, Playwriting, and other theatre disciplines. We firmly believe that this kind of “sowing seeds” ethos is the way to keep the Singapore arts scene dynamic, fresh and progressive.

Our work is garnering rave reviews from audiences and critics alike (please check out reviews on each production page), and winning prestigious theatre accolades – at the 2014 Life! Theatre Awards our production of NEXT TO NORMAL won the coveted Production of the Year Award, as well as the award for Readers’ Choice for Production of the Year. As a theatre company we are rapidly making a name for ourselves as a vibrant and vital voice in our community; we are steadily growing in size, strength and stature; and our acclaimed annual Season Ticket is motivating more and more people to commit themselves to support our work.

Pangdemonium aims to continue to prove that Singapore is able produce theatre that can achieve international standards, theatre that Singaporeans can be proud of, and to inspire more and more people to embrace theatre as a way of life.

Pangdemonium is a non-profit organisation with IPC status. Registered Charity number: 201229915 M

Pangdemonium Theatre Company is a recipient of support from the National Arts Council’s Major Company Scheme for the period from 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2020